Bangladesh’s Jamal Bhuiyan is going to play in the Indian League


    Not only Kolkata Mohammedan, but also several other Indian clubs received calls from Bangladesh captain Jamal Bhuiyan. JB Six has agreed to play in Kolkata Mohammedan for half the season after hearing about the club’s goal. And Jamal will play for Saif Sporting for the remainder of the season.

    Meanwhile, head coach Jamie Day sees Jamal’s performance within the Indian league as positive. consistent with him, playing Jamal in India will create a desire to try to to well among others.

    Bangladesh Football poster child . He will now represent the country on foreign soil. Jamal Bhuiyan’s call came from his teammate India. Kolkata will wear Mohammedan jersey next season.

    The rumors are circulating within the media for a few time. As he wasn’t sure about anything, Jamal himself said that something wasn’t happening. Jamal Bhuiyan is currently under contract with Saif Sporting. The club is keen to stay him next season also . However, with the agreement between Kolkata Mohammedan and Saif, Jamal will play in Kolkata for half the approaching season.

    In this regard, Jamal Bhuiyan said, i’m playing in Saif Sporting now. Although my contract with them has ended. But Saif wants to stay me. Kolkata has come to an agreement with the present club. they need been allowed to play in Kolkata for half the season. i will be able to play in Bangladesh again from April. Since the problems weren’t confirmed before, I didn’t say anything about it.

    Not just Kolkata Mohammedan. He received calls from several other clubs in India. However, considering Mohammedan’s goal, they need agreed to play during this traditional club.

    Jamal said, “Look, I even have received calls from several clubs in India. I asked Mohammedan manager Wasim Bhai what stage they need to be within the league. Championship, middle row team or bottom team. He told me they might give the championship fight. i prefer what he said. So I agreed to play in Mohammedan.

    The head coach of the Bangladesh national team, however, sees it as positive. If Jamal plays during a foreign league, there’ll be competition within the team. Bangladesh football also will benefit.

    Jamie Day said, “Look, Jamal’s game in India may be a positive aspect for Bangladesh.” And if he plays during a foreign league, the will to try to to well are going to be created among the footballers of the team. they’re going to also want to play abroad. That’s why they’re going to play their best football. Moreover, if Jamal plays there, his teammates are going to be ready to get experience from him. But the challenge are going to be to play well. Only then can opportunities be created for others.

    Jamal isn’t getting to play within the first Indian league. Earlier, Sheikh Aslam, King Back Munem Munna and a number of other others have played within the Indian League.


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