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Biden will legalize 11 million immigrants


Newly elected US President Joe Biden has vowed to require the required steps to pass a bill to legalize illegal immigrants and grant citizenship. Within 100 days of taking power, he will begin legalizing 11 million illegal immigrants living within the us . He made the remarks during a recent interview with NBC TV.

Biden said the Obama administration’s (DACA) program for quite 600,000 young immigrants, who couldn’t be legalized after coming to the us illegally as parents as children, but grew up and educated during this country, continues. It means those under the age of 30 also will get a positive identification .

President Trump issued an executive order canceling the DACA program. The Supreme Court has stayed that order.

For the primary time since 1990, but half the unregistered population are illegal immigrants from Mexico. Of the 10.5 million illegal immigrants in 2013, about 4.99 million were from Mexico, 1.9 million from Central America and 1.45 million from Asia, consistent with Pew Research. Now it’s largely increased. About two-thirds of unregistered immigrants are within the us for quite 10 years.

Earlier on the difficulty of illegal immigrants, President Obama raised an identical bill within the United States Senate with an equivalent commitment through his Democratic Party . It didn’t pass due to the acute non-cooperation of the Republicans. The last amnesty for illegal immigrants within the us happened in 1986 under Reagan . Then 32 years have passed. Thus the amount of illegal immigrants has increased.

On the eve of his departure in 2008, Republican President George W. Bush issued another order issuing green cards to those that became illegal immigrants after coming to the us on visas. However, those that entered the us illegally didn’t get an opportunity . consistent with Joe Biden’s promise, the fate of 1 crore and a million are going to be happy. But it’ll require a Democrat majority within the United States Senate , also because the House of Representatives.

Democrats hold 46 seats within the Senate, consistent with the November 3 election. 50 Republicans. Georgia’s two-seat runoff election are going to be persisted January 5. Both were Republicans. Political analysts believe that when the Democrats are ready to capture them, it’ll be easier for Biden and therefore the Democrats to try to to something about the immigration issue. meaning Democrats will get the vote of vice chairman Camilla Harris if both parties get equal seats. If they will get 51 votes, there’ll be no problem en passant the immigration bill. Because Democrats are still the bulk within the House.

Millions of Bangladeshis are living illegally for quite 20 years . Biden’s latest pledge has also brought some relief to the Corona-stricken community.


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