China is making weapons by buying seeds from India!


    Although China has always denied using any sort of chemical weapons, analysts on China have said that China could develop biological weapons if conventional weapons fail. Recently, it’s been reported that China is importing raisin seeds from India. Raisin or venna may be a poison whose powder can cause death in only 48 hours by ingesting a teaspoon of the powder during a glass of water.

    India is that the largest producer of raisin in Asia. Although the 2 are used as a drugs for a disease, Indian traders are suddenly getting orders for these seeds in large numbers, consistent with the Indian company.

    According to Indian intelligence, China’s interest in importing raisin was questionable from the outset. China is using it to form biochemical weapons.

    Earlier, Iraq used mustard agent against Iranian troops during the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran. Iranian soldiers suffered large blisters on their eyes, mouths and bodies from the mustard agent made up of mustard seeds. Iranian soldiers fell ill. Similarly, China is additionally importing venna seeds to form biological weapons.

    Similar information was obtained from US intelligence. they assert China is secretly increasing its reserves of organic toxins.

    Recently, the All India Merchant Association of India has also taken a cautious stance on Raisin. “We are going to be in peril if we don’t stop exporting raisin seeds now,” they told the country’s commerce ministry. Although we seem to be making a profit, we’d like to prevent exporting raisins to avoid major dangers.


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