Danger if you see the ad of the gaming app and download it!


    There are multiple malicious applications within the Google App Store which will cause data theft if placed on a smartphone.

    Google has recently discovered 21 apps that contain malware. These apps are basically mostly gaming apps. While downloading this app claims that this app will provide you gaming and virtual experience.

    The most shocking information is what proportion money you’ve got in your checking account and your UPI PIN key also as all the safety information that this sort of app tracks.

    Google has found several such apps and that they are deleted, the amount is 21. There are still 19 apps under suspicion. it’s been seen that this deadly dangerous app has been downloaded by quite eight million people.

    This type of interesting gaming app is seen on social media platforms. Users can easily download the sport . Is given together with his link on social media.

    The list of these apps was highlighted for the readers of Samaynews.

    Shoot Them
    Crush Car
    Rolling Scroll
    Helicopter Attack – NEW
    Assassin Legend – 2020 NEW
    Helicopter Shoot
    Rugby Pass
    Flying Skateboard
    Iron it
    Shooting Run
    Plant Monster
    Find Hidden
    Find 5 Differences – 2020 NEW
    Rotate Shape
    Jump Jump
    Find the Differences – Puzzle Game
    Sway Man
    Desert Against
    Money Destroyer
    Cream Trip – NEW
    Props Rescue


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