Despite spending Rs 2,000 crore, no goals have been scored


    Chelsea were ready to take an attempt against Manchester United within the high voltage match on Saturday (October 24) night within the EPL. within the 32nd minute of the match, Man U goalkeeper David De Hia didn’t have any speed to dam the weak shot of Danpay’s shot taken by Christian Pulisic. No Chelsea forward could take the Day Hear test once more within the whole match!

    But this season, Chelsea has emptied the whole budget balance of the club to place money behind the forwards!

    However, each side are liable for the goalless attract the match. Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has once more chosen conservative football. 5 people played in defense. On the opposite hand, Manchester United of Olesana, Solshire couldn’t do anything to crack Chelsea’s defense. Both coaches wanted to handle their own goalposts. They achieve that. those that were sitting ahead of the television receiver and thinking of enjoying the large match had to travel back to Birsamukhe, this is often it!

    However, the Chelsea coach has got to study hard. After a goalless attract two consecutive matches, he’s being criticized. nobody can find any visible add the forward line with the mixture of Kai Hawartz, Police or Timo Werner, who has been within the team this season by spending huge amount of money!

    The young German Hawartz was ready to supply the ball just one occasion within the whole match, but couldn’t take one shot. On the opposite hand, Timo Werner can’t be found. Has his distance been made with the ball? The police was mentioned once above. He took Chelsea’s only shot at the goalpost throughout the match.

    The Blues have spent just over মিল 200 million on the forwards this summer. In Bangladeshi figures which is quite 2 thousand crore rupees. Even after spending such a lot money, the team seems to possess collapsed! Defensive football seems to be more important than pressing football! therein case, it’s certain that the hunger of the supporters won’t be satisfied.

    Coach Lampard’s main responsibility now’s to coordinate between attack and defense. Because the club forgot to attain the goal to prevent eating!


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