Four Bengalis are likely to win the US election


    Discussions are happening about four americans of Bangladeshi descent within the US elections. The four who took part within the US election are Donna Imam, the sole Bangladeshi candidate within the Congress from Austin, Texas, Sheikh Rahman, a senator from Georgia, and Abul B., a member of the House of Representatives from New Hampshire. Khan and Pennsylvania State Auditor General candidate and former US President Barack Obama’s adviser. Nina Ahmed.

    In the post of Auditor General of Pennsylvania. Nina Ahmed’s chances of winning are quite strong. He had previously served as deputy mayor of Philadelphia, the capital , and as an adviser to former President Barack Obama on Asia.

    Nina Ahmed is contesting for the Democratic Party . within the June 2 primary, he received 60,137 more votes than his rival. He got four lakh 6 thousand 528 votes. therein sense, the amount of expatriate Bangladeshis isn’t such a lot there, he thinks that he has been ready to arouse response among all types of individuals , his senior adviser Dr. Ibrul Chowdhury. He said this was the primary time within the history of the state that a Black Muslim woman was getting to win the post.

    Dr. If Nina wins, she is going to be the highest-ranking Bangladeshi-American to represent Pennsylvania. As a result, there’s tons of interest among Bangladeshis. Many expatriate Bangladeshis are working for him day and night even during this Kavid-19.

    Dr. “Considering the present situation, we aren’t giving much importance to the surveys,” Nina Ahmed told the media. Working as if we are 10 points behind; Although as seen in various surveys, i’m far before the rival candidate. Where i’m 51 percent, he’s 44 percent. But there’s a fear that a lot of things will change at the last moment. As a result, we are working to retain it. However, I can say that this point the tide is showing among the Democrats. this is often the case everywhere the country. As a result, i’m confident that Joe Biden will win the presidency and Kamala Harris will win the vice presidency.

    Meanwhile, Bangladeshi-American Donna Imam has suddenly emerged as a beacon in Texas. he’s running for the House of Representatives from District 31 within the US National Congress. Despite being a Republican candidate during this state, Donna has generated quite response. He has also created a situation to be a winner. Nishan Khan, a Democratic elector and adviser to Donna Imam within the Texas presidential election, told the media that Donna has created an honest awakening. We are very optimistic about his victory.

    Sheikh Rahman, who is of Bangladeshi descent, is on his thanks to be re-elected as Georgia’s senator . this point he’s getting to be elected without contest. he’s running within the election from the Democratic Party . nobody took part within the June 9 election against him. At an equivalent time, the Republicans didn’t field any candidate within the Senate district seat-5. As a result, Sheikh Rahman’s victory are often taken as a matter of your time . As a result, Sheikh Rahman won’t need to invite votes on the day of polling on November 3. Only after the day is over will he be declared the winner. He also will be sworn in as a senator for the second term therein seat.

    Georgia is now referred to as the Red State. But this point the state is being called a swing. Democrats do far better during this Republican state. As a result, it had been reported that Sheikh Rahman became the primary Bangladeshi-American senator from the Democratic Party in his first term. He was also the primary Muslim lawmaker within the state.

    Sheikh Rahman told the media that it’s an excellent America built by different ethnic groups. There are more ethnic groups in my area. It’s great to possess the arrogance of all of them. ’He said,‘ Look, we should always all be working. i might say Bangladeshi-Americans, especially children , must remember of politics. we’ve to require part within the politics of this country.

    On the opposite hand, Abul B Khan has received the ultimate nomination from the Republican Party for the post of House of Representatives in New Hampshire State. District Rockingham District 20 has been occupied by Republicans for an extended time. He has won the seat 3 times during a row before. As a result, it’s assumed that he are going to be the winner again. Earlier, Abul Khan held various important posts within the state.

    There was a time when the support of expatriate Bangladeshis throughout the us was exclusive to the Democratic Party . But lately, support for Republicans has grown. The expatriates formed various clubs associated with the Democratic Party . they’re a replacement York-based New American Democratic Club. Similar Republican organizations are emerging. Bidyut Sarkar, co-chairman of the New York-based Bangladeshi-American Republican Alliance, said, “There are going to be people of all persuasions in politics স্বাভাবিক that’s normal.”


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