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Heroine Suchanda’s ‘Best Award of Life’


‘It’s a matter of joy. Although late, the prize I received is undoubtedly the best prize of my life. I have received many awards in my career but the lifetime achievement award is really different. ‘ Popular actress Suchanda told Samay News that she wanted to know about receiving the lifetime achievement award.

On Thursday (December 3) afternoon, he added, ‘I don’t know if I have made any contribution to the film, the audience will be able to say it well. But today it seems, I have been able to give even a little bit. For which I am being honored for life. ‘

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh awards the National Film Award every year for its glorious and outstanding contribution to the film industry. In that series, ‘National Film Award-2019’ has been announced this time. This time, filmmaker Sohail Rana and filmmaker Kohinoor Akhter Suchanda are jointly receiving the lifetime achievement award.

The actress wished the filmmaker Sohail Rana all the best for getting the lifetime achievement award. “I have a lot of fond memories of him,” he said. He’s my brother-in-law, I think. Besides, he and I have another interesting thing. If you ever ask him that, you will know. ‘

Or does he call you a ‘diplomat’? The popular actress laughed in reply and said, ‘This is what I wanted to say. The rest call me ‘Apa’, ‘Heroine’. But the only hero who calls me a ‘diplomat’, not long ago. I don’t know why he gave me this address. But I like it. I like him very much personally. It is another good news for me to be honored for life together. ‘

Actress Suchanda’s full name is Kohinoor Akhter Suchanda. In the sixties he set foot in film. He made his acting debut in the movie ‘Paper Boat’ directed by Subhash Dutt. The movie was released in 1986. Besides acting, he also made his debut as a director and producer. Suchanda had earlier won the National Film Award in the Best Director category in 2006. She is the elder sister of Dhaliwood actress Babita and Champa.


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