Imran Khan’s letter to the leaders of Muslim countries to establish unity


    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has written a letter to the leaders of the bulk Muslim countries to require concerted action against the growing Islamophobia in non-Muslim countries. The Prime Minister’s Office said.

    The letter has been issued since Wednesday, consistent with the statement. it’s unknown at this point what he will do after leaving the post.

    Last week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused French President Emmanuel Macron of inciting Islamophobia. He made the allegations within the wake of the French government’s announcement of a crackdown on so-called Islamic separatism. He called on the leaders of the Muslim world to require concerted action against Islamophobia.

    Macron called the religious educational institutions of the Muslims ideological centers. He took a stand against disrespecting Islam on the idea of freedom of expression. Such heinous acts caused a storm of anger, condemnation and protest within the Muslim world. The boycott of French goods was involved .

    Earlier this month, French teacher Samuel Petty displayed a satirical cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) within the classroom. He was later killed.

    In a letter on Wednesday, Imran Khan called on the leaders of Muslim-majority countries to unite within the face of growing attacks on Muslims and Islamophobia.

    Without naming France within the letter, he said it had been clear from Western leaders’ statements that Islamophobia was on the increase in Europe. Many Muslims living there are now during a vicious circle .

    He said that the state leaders of these countries haven’t yet understood that this love and respect of the Muslims of the planet is merely for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and therefore the Holy Quran.

    Imran Khan said that thanks to love and respect for the Prophet of Allah and therefore the Holy Book, the Qur’an, horrible measures are being taken against Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and therefore the Qur’an are protested against the insult, and that they have called the protest a violent act. Calling the insult to the Prophet and therefore the Qur’an as so-called freedom of speech!

    ‌‌’Muslims are being marginalized. there’s room for extremists and far-right. Officially the beloved prophet is being disrespected. the bulk Muslim countries have expressed their anger and condemnation in protest. Said Imran Khan.

    Imran Khan also mentioned the letter sent to the founding father of Facebook last week. There he involved consideration of the personality of the Prophet and therefore the Qur’an because the Holocaust. He said that within the name of freedom of speech, one’s feelings shouldn’t be disrespected, questioned or mocked.

    Since coming to power in 2016, Imran Khan has been raising the difficulty of attacks on Muslims at various levels, both privately and publicly. especially , in his speech to the UN General Assembly, he highlighted the problems of Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims.


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