India a threat to neighboring countries including China and Bangladesh: Imran


    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has without stopping of complaints about India. This time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called neighboring India a threat to China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. At an equivalent time, he described the country as a “fascist” state.

    In an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel, Khan said India is now ruled by the foremost extremist and racist government within the subcontinent. He feared that such actions by the country’s government could lead on to the spread of violence within the region at any time.

    Imran mentions that they were inspired by the first ideology of the Nazi forces within the 1920s and 1930s. India’s current regime may be a threat to the entire world. He claimed that India was a threat to all or any its neighbors.

    In the interview, Imran raised various unresolved issues including the US election and therefore the Kashmir election and sought neutral US intervention. “Whoever the new US president is, that is the expectation,” he said.

    Asked about Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, Imran said 2.6 million Afghans are currently living in Pakistan. Islamabad has long sought to revive peace in war-torn Afghanistan. we’ve no desire to rule there, but we try to maneuver forward towards a far better future for the Afghan people.

    Asked how Pakistan was ready to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table, the Prime Minister said there have been 2.8 million Afghans in Pakistan.


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