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Kashgar market another world, China

Kashgar market another world
Kashgar market another world

Kashgar market another world!

The “Kashgar Market” is the weekly market that brings together the inhabitants of the region. It is famous because over the decades, perhaps centuries, it has maintained its authenticity. However, they tell us that it is a place in danger of extinction since the Chinese government is determined to exterminate local cultures that disagree with the central power. On the other hand, the abandonment of traditional life, of rural life, is reducing its size.

(Kashgar market another world)

Kashgar Market, an opportunity to travel back to the times of caravans

This is a  livestock and agricultural market . Each area is separated from the other by a low wall, with slight transgressions. The cattle are kept in a large enclosure. It is an enclosure that is not full, so it is going to be true that it is getting lost. Agricultural products are sold outside, around the gate of the livestock enclosure, and in the adjacent streets.

A vestige of bygone times,  a medieval show that justifies all this trip .

Amid the dust kicked up by lambs and cows, men milling around here and there, examining animals, haggling, closing deals, I could see  ice being sold from the glaciers of the Tian Shan Mountains, a stone’s throw away.

(Kashgar market another world)

On the sides, the cooks apply themselves to making the famous Kashgar noodles . It is something that I find magical! How does stretching the dough and moving the arms form the noodles with such precision? 

They say that Kashgar noodles are the best in all of China. Perhaps they are the ones that Marco Polo brought to his land.  

They also cook rice pilav,  the dish that is eaten throughout Central Asia (rice, chickpeas, vegetables, meat).

Coming and going I look at the sale of accessories for animals. Gracefully carved bells, saddles and other implements. 

Virtually all market “players” are men, by the way.

Leaving the cattle area, barbers, some pool tables, more food stalls and vegetable stalls from the Kashgar River gardens await us with their melons and watermelons, cabbages, carrots, etc.

There are so many images that catch fire in my retina, so many sensations under the relentless sun, heat and dust, that I am soon speechless and I prefer that the images speak for themselves.

(Kashgar market another world)


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