Kyrgyzstan president resigns amid protests

    Kyrgyzstan president resigns amid protests

    Kyrgyzstan president resigns amid protests!

    Kyrgyz President Suranbai Zhenbekov has finally resigned. Turkish-based media TRT confirmed the information.

    “I do not want to write my name in the history of Kyrgyzstan as a president whose hands will be stained with the blood of its citizens,” Zenbekov said in a statement, according to Reuters.

    The Central Asian country has been in turmoil since a disputed parliamentary election in the first week of this month. After the results were announced, activists and supporters of various opposition parties seized all major roads and government buildings in the capital, Bishkek, alleging vote-rigging. They demanded new elections as well as the resignation of pro-Russian President Jinbekov.

    International observers also expressed “deep concern” over allegations of vote rigging in the October 4 vote. In the midst of this political instability, the conflict between the opposition over who will be the next prime minister has further complicated the situation.

    Kyrgyzstan’s parliament on Saturday announced Zaparrov as the new prime minister, but on Tuesday President Jinbekov refused to approve the nomination. Protesters released Japarov last week after he was convicted of holding a provincial governor hostage.

    After meeting with a close adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Jinbekov refused to accept the new prime minister.

    According to the BBC, the adviser to the Russian president had a meeting with Japarov on the same day. More than 1,200 people have been injured and one killed in recent political violence in the Central Asian country.

    (Kyrgyzstan president resigns amid protests)


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