Leaving the silver screen, this heroine’s mind in the world


    Sahara may be a documented heroine of Dhaka cinema. He started his film career in 2003. He made his acting debut within the movie ‘Rukhe Dharao’ directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton.

    In 2006, she gained wide recognition by starring within the movie ‘Priya Amar Priya’ opposite Shakib Khan. Since then, Sahara has become popular by acting during a total of fifty movies.

    The last movie starring Sahara is ‘You need to love’. it had been released in 2014. the subsequent year, Sahara married film maker Mahbubur Rahman Moni. Missing unannounced after marriage from Sinepara.

    The popular heroine is currently busy together with her husband and family. Regarding her return to film, she told an area media that Sahara is spending time in her own fashion house also as within the world. She is faraway from the silver screen due to her husband Mahbubur Rahman. Mahbub doesn’t like acting in movies. That’s why you’re away. He has no plans to return to the screen at the instant .

    Among the films starring Sahara- Nispap Munna, Love isn’t Forced, Dhaka To Bombay, Mother After God, My Name Is Sultan, Tiger favorite , Boss favorite , Bolab Kotha Basar Ghare, Priya Amar Priya ‘etc. are notable.


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