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Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja

Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja
Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja

Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja!

Sure you are wondering but where the hell is this place? The Abakh Khoja Mausoleum is a corner near Kashgar , the mythical stop in Central Asia where most of the itineraries of the Silk Road converge.

Just 5 km from the city center, in Haoghan village, this is a site of local tourist attraction. And apparently it is one of the holiest places in Xingiang, from a Muslim point of view.

(Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja)

The history of the Abakh Khoja Mausoleum

He is sponsored by a beautiful love story . Emperor Quianlong, of the Qing Dynasty, had among his 41 concubines a young Uighur, the only one of this ethnic group.

The Uighurs are a native people of Xingiang. They have little to do with the Chinese have on the east coast. And this has led them to claim their difference and expectations of independence. From time to time there are conflicts in the area, even today. Mainly because Han China  , the powerful one, insists on annulling these minorities as it does in Tibet and other corners of its empire. In other words, their houses and traditions are destroyed, their population diminished, their language ignored.

(Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja)

The legend says that …

She lived 28 years in Beijing. As the time of her death approached, she asked to be buried in her homeland. Her death was neither natural nor accidental.

They say that the dowager and jealous Empress instigated her suicide when she had a son who could overshadow her own in the succession to the throne. Her wishes were respected and she was brought here, to this huge mausoleum of the Abakh Khoja family.

(Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja)

However, archaeologists say no, they ignored her and she is buried in the Eastern Qing Tomb near Beijing.

Hmm … In places like this you will never know if the legend is just that, a legend. Or the “scientists” propagate the version that the Chinese government wants to be written in the history books. In this case, if the legend were true, it would be a concession to the Uighur ethnic group and their desire for independence.

Be that as it may, the place is beautiful.  With a large park next to it where all kinds of fruit trees and plants are cultivated with care. And especially the main building, clad in brightly colored tiles.  Although some have been stolen 🙁. And beautiful polychrome wooden columns that have their reflection in Bukhara.

(Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja)

And who was Abakh Khoja, to all this?

Well, a Muslim leader from the region. And inside this mausoleum there are no more and no less than 73 graves of members of his family … a whole cemetery, a town!

As I said before, many local tourists come here  So much so that there will be a position where they rent you costumes of a Chinese king or nobleman, Turkoman or exotic concubine. So you can take a picture with or without a camel (the animal is real) in front of the mausoleum.
The kitsch taste that these people like so much, heh, heh. The truth is that we had a good laugh although I, personally, did not go through the hoop, because I have never been much about dressing up.

(Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja)


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