Messi-Ronaldo duality is not happening


    Messi-Ronaldo duo is more important to football fans than friends or enemies. It’s as if most are waiting sort of a hawk to observe these two superstars face to face. But the fans are going to be bereft of seeing the duality of those two stars within the Champions League match.

    Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will need to be a spectator during this match as he tested positive for the third time. he’s not getting to play against his arch-rival Messi within the crucial battle of the Champions League.

    Ronaldo tested positive for the Corona on Tuesday (October 28). As a result, football fans aren’t having the great fortune to ascertain Messi-Ronaldo duo within the night fight (October 26).

    Ronaldo tested positive for Corona before playing a world match for Portugal this month. About fortnight later, he became positive again. Before the match against Bara, he didn’t test again. But unfortunately Ronaldo remains positive.

    According to UEFA rules, a player with a corona must be negative for the Covid-19 test a minimum of 24 hours before the match to enter the sector .

    The last time Messi and Ronaldo met within the Champions League was in 2011. Then in 2016, these two stars met once. then he left Real Madrid and moved to Juventus.

    However, they’re likely to satisfy at the new camp on the return leg. Juventus will face Barcelona within the return match of the Champions League on December 9.


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