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National Museum In Dublin

National Museum In Dublin!

Today I am going to talk to you about the National Museum of Dublin, one of the visits that I believe is essential in this city. I’m not very into museums, really, but that’s not why I refuse to visit some, and among those I select, those that have to do with Archeology I don’t usually miss them. In this case I did very well, but very well!

In fact, I visited him twice, at the beginning and at the end of the trip to Ireland. And it is that museums make more sense when you have been where their pieces come from. And the places where the pieces come from make more sense when you’ve seen them in a museum, ha ha.

The National Museum of Dublin houses a precious collection of objects found in the archaeological sites of Ireland

I start by pointing out an important detail, and more in the face of Ireland:  the visit is free  and photos can be taken. Of course, without flash and of course without a tripod. Now yes, let’s go to the visit.

A building camouflaged among others awaits us. Frankly, the main entrance with its columns is not very visible from the street, you have to be careful.

Once inside, we first find a circular hall. The floor is beautiful, spectacular,  although it is used for the display of all the museum merchandising . The good pieces are very expensive, and the rest are trash, but in taste …

We went to the main space of the museum, really beautiful in itself. In fact, I don’t know what that place has – the main showroom – but I immediately felt good there.

This museum was designed by Sir Thomas Newenham Deane and completed in 1890. It reminded me of an old train station, or an old market, with its filigree wrought-iron beams. 

The Treasury

In that spectacular room, the Treasury extends at various heights. The world’s best collection of Bronze Age and Stone Age gold objects, as well as other Celtic (Middle Ages) metal pieces.

Seeing the jewels with which the rulers of that time adorned themselves, and in such good condition, is truly amazing. As always in these cases, it gives me to think that current artists are nothing more than “copycat” of what the first human beings created. The really creative ones were them. I have also had this same feeling and will have it in Africa, where the Neolithic is confused with the s. XXI.

In its rooms you will also find the Ardagh chalice (they say it is the best example of Celtic art in the world), and the brooch of Tara. 

The second floor is dedicated to Viking Ireland.  And of course, as in any archaeological museum, there is a room dedicated to Ancient Egypt. Good grief, what came out of Egypt!

In short, do not stop going and discover it for yourself. It is very central and also not very big. This is also part of its appeal, at least for me. I prefer the good and short.

I am left with a piece, much smaller than I expected, from the Newgrange sites : it is the hilt of a command or ritual staff. But I better not show it to you, you better go and look for it, which in itself can be a game 😉


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