Rouhani sent a strong message to the next US administration


    The whole world, including the us , is hesitant about who goes to be subsequent US president. Democrat-nominated presidential candidate Joe Biden is ahead. However, the count wasn’t completed and therefore the Democrats filed a lawsuit against President Trump within the election alleging fraud. Therefore, it’s not expected that the results of the election are going to be available very soon.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned Washington once more that the us is busy with the election and therefore the outcome of the vote. “I hope subsequent US administration will learn that sanctions don’t make Iran bow to US policy,” he said.

    US President Donald Trump has pulled out of a landmark affect Iran in 2016. Restores all previous bans. Adopts maximum pressure policy against Tehran. Trump is trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Tuesday’s election. during this situation, there’s an opportunity of latest leadership within the White House. Rouhani has warned the new US administration during this regard.

    In a televised speech, he said the three years of experience in complying with laws, regulations and returning to promises would be instructive for subsequent administration within the us .

    “Our people are fighting economic terrorism for the last three years,” Rouhani said. The people have shown invincible resistance and patience against that terrorism.

    Rouhani also said that the Iranian people will still show resistance and patience until the opposition bows to the principles .

    Addressing the US administration, Rouhani said sanctions were the incorrect thanks to go which sanctions couldn’t achieve their goals. I hope the US administration understands that.

    Iranian officials say it doesn’t matter who the US president is. Their focus are going to be on the policy of subsequent US administration.

    Joe Biden told a campaign rally that he would bring the us back to the Iran nuclear deal if elected president. during this regard, Tehran’s statement is that if the us withdraws from the nuclear deal, it’ll need to catch up on the damage caused by the withdrawal. Besides, he has got to guarantee that he won’t leave the agreement.

    Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme religionist , said on Tuesday that the US election wouldn’t affect Tehran’s Washington policy.

    Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice chairman during the landmark six-nation affect Iran in 2015.


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