Nepal is interested in vaccinating Bangladesh


    The cost of the domestic Globe Biotech bancovid vaccine are often around five thousand rupees. If it’s successful, it’ll be exported to different countries only after meeting the demand of Bangladesh, said Harunur Rashid, chairman of the organization. Meanwhile, Nepal has agreed to shop for two million doses of vaccine before the human trial.

    Harunur Rashid, chairman of Globe, said that an agreement has been reached to shop for two million doses of Corona vaccine Bancovid made in Bangladesh. Several more countries interested. However, he didn’t name the country.

    Nepal’s Ambassador. Banasridhar Mishra said they’re curious about getting the vaccine. If successful, they need to get officially. Nepal is curious about Nepal clinical test if Bangladesh government wants.

    The head of Globe Biotech said that Bancovid are going to be imported as long as it satisfies Bangladesh. Although the worth has not been finalized, it’ll be less than other vaccines, he said.

    Globe Biotech will soon submit an application to the BMRC through the CRO seeking permission to use to the physical body .

    Earlier, on October 5, the world reported that the world had successfully completed their trial within the animal body, now able to attend the Human Trial. The chairman of the organization said. Harunur Rashid said that if all goes well, he will come at the top of December or the start of January with the general cooperation of the govt . However, he applied for state patronage.


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