Sana changed her name to ‘bride’


    Sana Khan surprised the fans by saying goodbye to Bollywood. After leaving, Sana started following the trail of faith . Eventually Sana Khan changed her name. Publicly came together with his own wedding photos.

    ME data was released during a report by Indian media G News on Tuesday (November 24).

    After announcing that Sana Khan is leaving the planet of silver screen, the actress surprised the fans again by revealing the news of her marriage. Where the bottom are often seen badhubese sanake

    Bollywood actress Sana Khan announced his departure from the published reports of fans all of sudden . Where Sana Khan are often seen as a bride.

    Bollywood actress Sana Khan has said that she is married to Maulana Mufti Anas, a resident of Surat, Gujarat. Sana also said that she got married consistent with Allah’s command.

    After the marriage , this point Sana Khan brought an image of her ‘bride’ outfit. Besides, the actress has also changed her name. He has introduced himself as Saeed Sana Khan within the social handle.

    Sana Khan’s ‘bride’ outfit went viral soon after it came out. However, after the wedding , Sana faced criticism from a neighborhood of internet crowd. Many believe that her condition are going to be almost like that of model actress Sophia Hayat.

    It is to be noted that Sana got married secretly a couple of days ago. A video of their wedding went viral on social media. There Sana is seen because the bride and Mufti because the groom. the 2 also cut the cake together.

    In the video, Sana is seen descending the steps holding the hand of the Mufti wearing white kurta-pajamas. She looked great during a white gown. Then it’s seen that the 2 of them cut the cake together. It read again, ‘Inikah Mubarak .’‌

    Then there was a flood of comments. Fans greeted both of them. Some people are surprised by his decision again. Although nothing has been reported directly from the actress yet.

    Sana has acted in movies like ‘াজWaja Tum Ho’‌ and’ য়Joy Ho’‌. He has also acted in multiple shows. In February this year, it had been reported that her relationship together with her boyfriend had weakened . then , the actress also suffered from depression for a few time. Then he decided to go away Bollywood.


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