Shruti, known as ‘Trinayani’, responded to the criticism


    Tollywood Shruti Das. Whom the people of two Bengals know as ‘Trinayani’. Originally, he was featured in the serial ‘Trinayoni’. The series has recently ended. However, there are still rumors in the discussion.

    Recently, Shruti shared several photos of herself kissing the makeup artist on her verified Facebook account. After that, the actress was attacked by netizens.

    Many have created juicy content on YouTube. These did not escape the eyes of Shruti. He has spoken out against the critics. On Sunday (November 29), the popular actress of two Bengalis protested through a status on her Facebook.

    He wrote in the status, ‘You think that getting a direct lead from a muffsball means that there is a double story. You think that the people in the industry give a picture to someone other than parents, husband, husband and children by chewing on their cheeks, which means ‘this girl gets a job and gets it’. Earlier, there was news about the picture of Bibo (my brother-in-law colleague) eating hami on his cheek. And inside my ice cream eating content. ‘

    Shruti further writes in the status, ‘Guys, when was the last time you were slapped? Or the desire to come forward and experience again! Take the juicy news about it too ‘Did you say the same thing about the explosive Trinayoni Nayan alias Shruti Das-kissing?’


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