Supporters ready to welcome Shakib


    Tiger fans are overjoyed at the news of Shakib’s return to the country after overcoming the ban. They decide to provides a warm welcome to Shakib at the airport in compliance with all health rules. Supporters say, Shakib’s return this point should be more memorable.

    Shakib is back. The sword of prohibition is over, now it’s time to return to the land of Bengal.

    The best all-rounder of Bengal flew Mullu to his family for the last time after the cancellation of Lanka series. After the sword of prohibition, this point the return is by raising Shakib’s head. Finally it’s known that Mahendrakshan. He will return to the country together with his mother in the dark on Thursday (November 5).

    Bengal fans have always unconditionally supported Tiger Cricket. poster child Shakib was the jewel in their eyes. that’s why the news of Yuvraj’s return to the country caused a stir.

    Supporters say that the return of Shakib is extremely excellent news for us. we might wish to welcome Shakib with best wishes.

    Supporters have various plans for Shakib’s return. which is, Shakib are going to be accepted at the airport. A warm reception are going to be given.

    If all goes well and Kovid is negative within the test, Shakib will start training next week.


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