Trump is not giving up


    The results of the US presidential election are yet to return . However, within the meantime, there’s a robust possibility that the fight for votes will become a fight for law. This, of course, is way more important than the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, than the Republican nominee, incumbent President Donald Trump. His efforts are helped by alittle margin of votes.

    Given the short margin of votes, it’s almost impossible to form any predictions or advance messages. However, within the meantime, Joe Biden has been declared the 47th president of the country from the election decision desk. This makes the likelihood of Donald Trump getting to court becoming more relevant.

    Trump has been saying since before the election that he won’t relinquish power if he loses. Because it’ll not be possible to lose him without rigging the vote. He remained steadfast within the same statement today, Saturday. during a tweet, the critically acclaimed president reiterated that position.

    “Illegally Biden is saying to be president,” Trump tweeted. I (Trump) can roll in the hay too. The legal battle has just begun. If our legal process goes ahead, we’ll plow ahead at the polls.

    In Georgia, meanwhile, few votes remain to be counted. The ny Times observes that the bulk of the remaining votes in Pennsylvania will attend Biden. The votes of foreigners and members of the military haven’t yet been counted.

    According to the AP, Biden is leading with 264 body votes. Trump is ahead at 214. In Pennsylvania, Biden received 49.64 percent of the vote. Trump has 49.21 percent of the vote.


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